BMC Development Team to Wrap Up at the End of 2017

© Michael Gernaa
The BMC U-23 Development Team will come to an end at the completion of the 2017 season, BMC Racing Team General Manager Jim Ochowicz today announced.
“BMC Development Team was started in 2013, with no defined ending point, for the purpose of offering a platform for young athletes to race and train in an organized fashion against others in their age group and providing a feeder system to BMC Racing Team. Since its inception, this team has graduated eight riders to our professional team. All of these athletes have progressed well in BMC Development Team and as graduates to the professional team,” Ochowicz explained.
“Unlike prior years, the athletes today are for the most part being managed by rider agents. These rider agents then propose these athletes to other teams who may or may not invest in such a program. In essence, we are now developing athletes at a cost for both our team and other teams.”
“The UCI offers no protection to development teams and no regulations exist that protect their investment or the transfer of riders from team to team.”
“We are proud of all the young athletes that participated in the program and we wish them all great success for the future. The staff over the years has been incredible and taken exceptional care of these future stars. The riders and staff should be proud of their time as members of BMC Development Team.”