Richie Porte: The day after

Richie Porte remains in hospital in Chambery where he is recovering from a fractured clavicle and pelvis sustained in a crash on stage 9 of the Tour de France. Porte spoke briefly on the crash and his condition.
Richie, it is less than 24 hours after your crash and you are still here in hospital in Chambery. Simply, how do you feel?
“Obviously, I’ve felt much better than what I do right now. I’m in a fair bit of pain and it’s a big disappointment to be honest. I think I was in great form and the team were really strong around me too, so it’s disappointing but I think after seeing the crash I’m lucky that I have come away with the injuries I have.”
You saw the crash on television. Do you recall how it happened?
“I remember I came into a corner and it wasn’t like we were going too fast or anything like that, but I just remember I locked the back wheel up and that was it really. Next thing I was heading for the grass verge on the corner. I stayed conscious the whole time. I remember the whole thing but I must say thank you to the medical staff on the race and the hospital. They have been absolutely fantastic.”
You have fractured your clavicle and pelvis. What does this mean for the next days and weeks?
“I don’t think I’ll be back on my bike for a good while now. I think the team is good with that. They just say to recover, there is no rush to come back. Hopefully, I’ll pull the BMC Racing Team jersey on by the end of the year.”
You have a lot of support on social media from fans all over the world. Something that helps a little in your recovery?
“I think that’s the thing with social media. You see the good and the bad. It’s overwhelmingly good. People are so supportive and really do care so I can’t say thank you enough to all of those people. It means the world to me so thank you very much.”